Our Specialties

Our entreprise specializes in :

Intermediate real estate agent (brokerage)

  • The setting on sale, on rent of residential, commercial and others (garage, warehouses,…)
  • Renewal of business leases
  • Sales and rentals consulting

Real estate expertise

  • Estimate of monetary and rental value of real estate goods in Brussels
  • Coming in surveys

Private management

  • All kinds of FOLLOW-UPS, of which administrative, such as :
    • Partial managment (material actions)
    • Urbanistic en environmental permits requests
    • Advice on renovation Works
    • Relooking, space implementation and furnishing
    • Litigations treatments and dispute
    • Complaints and administrative procedures and treatments
  • Mediation and negotiation
  • Indexing, rents, costs & real estate tax recovery
  • Obtaining documents & informations by the administrative authorities
  • Trips on grounds, investigations and monitoring